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Cardinal: Communion cannot be shared with friends like beer or cake

Holy Communion is exclusively for Catholics in a state of grace and not something to be shared between friends like beer or cake, said a former senior adviser to two popes.

Cheating workers out of just wages, benefits is mortal sin, pope says

Loving wealth destroys the soul, and cheating people of their just wages and benefits is a mortal sin, Pope Francis said.

Everyone must have affordable health care, Vatican official says

Everyone should have access to essential health services and no one should have to fall into poverty to obtain needed care, a Vatican representative said.

Archdiocese investigates allegations against Father Joseph

After a criminal investigation into allegations of inappropriate sexual conduct with an adult made against Father Thomas Joseph, the Carver County Attorney’s Office declined to bring criminal charges in the case, Archbishop Bernard Hebda announced in a May 11 statement.

Digital Edition – May 24, 2018

Relics exposition, New Venezuelan bishop visits Twin Cities, Chile's bishops resign, St. Andrew Kim and Holy Childhood share campus, Kids' rosary, Green burials

Century-old parishioner reflects on St. Boniface before its 160th anniversary

At age 99, Margaret Erickson, aka Margie, remembers well the church basement at St. Boniface in Minneapolis, where she went to Mass as a child with her family. The church had yet to be constructed, but its basement had been dug and finished as a temporary place to receive the sacraments.

Remembering to be present

We remember. We remember all those who have served in the Armed Forces and gave their lives for our nation. We remember all those who have died after serving others in different ways. And we remember in our prayers all those who will be visiting the graves of loved ones this Memorial Day weekend.

Appointments – May 24, 2018

Archbishop Bernard Hebda has announced the following appointment in the Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis

Recordando estar presente

Recordamos. Recordamos a todos aquellos que han servido en las Fuerzas Armadas y dieron sus vidas por nuestra nación. Recordamos a todos aquellos que murieron después de servir a otros de diferentes maneras. Y recordamos en nuestras oraciones a todos aquellos que visitarán las tumbas de sus seres queridos este fin de semana del Día de los Caídos.

St. Vincent de Paul distributes food, invites prayer in Frogtown

Instead of fishing for walleye, Ross Feder and company “fished” for people at St. Vincent de Paul in St. Paul during the weekend of the Minnesota fishing opener.