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A father’s love

I remember sitting around as a teenager hearing stories of my dad coming to this country to pursue the American dream. The more he told me, the more I wanted to know about the intense experience he endured and why he would leave his parents and loved ones. He always said he wanted a better life and to one day give that to his family. It sounded a bit cliché, like your typical immigrant story told in movies, but I accepted it.

Getting to forgiveness

Some years ago, a woman told a lie about me that caused some serious harm and was tremendously painful to bear. After many months had passed, out of the blue, she sent me an email, something along the lines of, “If I hurt you, I’m sorry.” We’ve all gotten these: the non-apology apology. It was, I thought, cowardly, and did very little to repair the damage that had been done.

‘Monumental’ FEMA shift opens door to disaster funds for religious groups

Superstorm Sandy-weary diocesan and parish officials lauded a Federal Emergency Management Agency policy change announced earlier this year that reverses a prior exclusion for religious organizations and houses of worship from applying for federal aid to recover from natural disasters.

Objections raised over Notre Dame’s new change on contraceptive coverage

An Indiana bishop said he supports the University of Notre Dame's Feb. 7 decision to stop coverage of abortion-inducing drugs and add natural family planning services to the school's health plan, but he said coverage of artificial birth control by a Catholic institution is unacceptable.

Pope says Paul VI will be declared a saint this year

Pope Francis told pastors in the Diocese of Rome that Blessed Paul VI would be canonized this year.

Church’s Lenten observance dedicated to shooting victims, their families

A parish community less than two miles away and directly impacted by the Feb. 14 school shooting at a Broward County high school is finding new purpose in Lent this year, according to the parish administrator.

Christian leaders in Jerusalem protest plan to tax church properties

The heads and patriarchs of Christian churches in Jerusalem strongly denounced the city of Jerusalem's plan to force churches to pay property taxes.

Sowers of Justice explores roots, state of housing discrimination

Segregating African-Americans by neighborhood in the Twin Cities goes back at least to the early 1900s.

Visitation School students get lessons on frozen lake

A shout rang out from Rogers Lake just across the road from Visitation School in Mendota Heights.

Catholics urged to appeal to lawmakers in Congress to pass DACA bill now

By day's end Feb. 15, members of the U.S. Senate had rejected four immigration proposals, leaving it unclear how lawmakers will address overall immigration reform and keep the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program in place.