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Parish Leadership

Church of St. Joseph Leadership Structure consists of the Parish Pastoral Council and six Commissions:

Parish Pastoral Council has the overall authority for the Parish Mission, Vision, and Values, as well as Parish-wide Policies. It advises the Pastor to ensure that the Parish Community will endure for future generations. The Parish Pastoral Council also conducts an annual Leadership Discernment Process for members of the Council and Commissions and oversees the orientation and formation of Parish Leaders. Membership includes the Pastor, the Parish Administrator, six At-Large Parish Pastoral Council Members, and six Commission Representatives.

Administration and Finance Commission supports the Parish in many ways.  At its monthly meetings, Commission members review financial reports including: budget comparisons, cash flow information, and stewardship summaries.  It has the responsibility of reviewing the proposed Annual Operating Budget prepared by Staff and proposing any changes. In accordance with Canon Law, it then recommends the Annual Budget to the Pastor for his approval.  The Commission oversees the management of Church properties and assets by Parish Staff, reviews cost-saving ideas, and consults with Staff and the Pastor on other financial issues.  The Commission also provides periodic reports to Parishioners and the Archdiocese concerning Parish finances.

Charity and Justice Commission promotes education and action in the Parish Community concerning Social Justice Issues. The Commission plans and coordinates Outreach Projects in: our Parish, the Red Wing Community, and around the world! With opportunities to share our gifts and resources with those in need, our Parish is able to respond in love to those who could use a helping hand.

Faith Formation and Education Commission develops and supports opportunities for Parishioners of all ages, to grow in their Faith.  We actively work to provide: enrichment opportunities for adults, support of vibrant Faith Formation Ministries for youth, Sacramental Preparation.  Our Commission has been active in many areas, including: Liturgy of the Word for Children, Faith Formation K-7, LifeTeen, Bible Study, Centering Prayer, and Women Sharing Deeper Ministry (WSDM).

Parish Life Commission works to provide ways for Members of St. Joseph to build community by: knowing one another better and strengthening personal connections to each other. Through Ministries and Events like: Hospitality after Mass, the Welcome Mass, Thanksgiving Potluck, New Year’s Eve Party, and the Baccalaureate Brunch. Through these events, Parishioners are able to make new friendships and strengthen personal connections to others with whom we worship.   And with strong relationships and our working together, just think of what we will continue to achieve in the greater community!

Pastoral Ministry Commission provides leadership for our Parish, focusing on the care and support of those who are experiencing challenging life situations.  This Care deals with all the practical realities of stress that can result from: personal, social, physical, material, mental, or moral issues.  The Commission offers planning and support to Parish Staff and Volunteers involved in the following areas of Ministry:

  • Ministry to those in care facilities, hospice, the hospital, or homebound

  • Stephen Ministry

  • Grief and Loss

  • Senior Adult Ministry

  • the Annual Anointing Mass

  • Ministry to those who are incarcerated

Worship Commission is responsible for: the study of Liturgical Principles, training Liturgical Ministers, and the preparation of worship experiences that enhance the Spiritual Life of the Parish.  Our Ministries include:  Altar Servers, Lectors, Cantors, Choirs, Musicians, Gift Bearers, Sacristans, Mass Coordinators, Eucharistic Ministers, Seamstresses for Baptismal Garments, Seasonal Environment Team and other seasonal activities.